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River Fishing??

Holingberg recently acquired a farm, “And a river runs through it” The River is about 5km from Holingsberg Uitvlugt and 15km from Holingsberg Chalet and Oom Org

The river is not stocked as yet. The river is about 2km in length and both banks are available

We are inquiring what would be the interests from our Guests re River Fishing – should we stock or not

Please drop us a mail at dewald@holingsberg.co.za and indicate you appetite for River Fishing



Holingsberg Uitvlugt

From: Lauren Kleynhans
Sent: 19 August 2014 03:18 PM
To: Heleen
Subject: RE: Holingsberg

 Hi Heleen

 Thanks – we had a lovely time at Uitvlugt. We only kept one fish although we did catch quite a few more. There were no breakages.  The staff were great. Thanks also for your help with the water.  All in all we had a great time.



P.S> Pls pop me an invoice for the fish.



Holingsberg trout dams

Holingsberg Trout growing ponds in progress

Holingsberg Trout growing ponds in progress

Holingsberg is busy with construction of the first trout growing ponds. This will alllows Holingsberg to controle their stocking program to a bigger extend