About Holingsberg Fly Fishing

IMG_3612bIMG_3622bAbout Holingsberg Fly Fishing and Accommodation

Holingsberg consists of two farms, Elandslaagte/ Muriel and Uitvlugt owned by the Hattingh family since 1947. The farms are currently owned by the two brothers Jan en Dewald.

The name Holingsberg is derived from a family myth. It is the name of the magical place their father would visit when he wished not to tell his nosy kids where he was off to.  Today Holingsberg is not a myth anymore, but still the magical place where one can escape from a fast and ever stressful life.  Weave your own tale and come and make a special memory on our farms.

Initially Holingsberg started out as an exclusive fly fishing destination but is now growing into a fully operational farm with Nguni cattle, sheep and game.


Our aim is to develop and manage the farms sustainable but in an environmentally friendly way, preserving the land for future generations. We strive to provide quality and exceptional value for money to our guests as well as top quality meat and fish to the food market.